How to learn any language in 6 months

How to Learn Any Language in 6 Months? The 5 Principles and 7 Actions

Part 1

1. What is the interesting question?
2. What would be the results of learning the language very fast?
3. What was wrong about the school when he was a student?
4. What is sleep learning?
5. Does it work?
6. What is he passionate about?

hold a question in mind
speed up
sort of ok
got in the way of learning
passionate about
up to this point

Part 2

1. What did he decide he was going to be?
2. In what period of time?
3. In reality, how long did it take him?

I took myself to China
inside 2 years
get good at
all of the conclusions
get up to native
struggling terribly with Chinese

Part 3

1. How did he refine the question?
2. What are the challenges of today’s world?
3. How do you learn a language?
4. Inside how many months can an adult learn a foreign language?

massive challenegs
social dislocation
all sorts of things going on

Part 4

1. What is the history of our progress about?
2. What is the thing about running one mile?
3. What is the thing about heavy stuff?
4. How did people make planes fly?
5. What else can fly nowadays?
6. What is the thing about drawing?

expand the limits
apply the principles
concentrate intensly
brain is exploding

Part 5

1. What are the two myths about learning a language?
2. Why doesn’t immersion work?

absolutely core
dispel two myths
a great deal
came across
talent doesn’t matter

Part 6

5 principles

1. Focus on the language content that is relevant to you.
2. Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1.
3. When you first understand the message, you will unconsciously acquire the language.
4. Physiological Training
5. Psycho-physiological state

facial expressions
made any effort
English deaf
go nuts
Part 7

7 actions

1. Listen a lot!
2. Focus on getting the meaning first.
3. Start mixing
4. Focus on the core
5. Get a language parent
6. Copy the face
7. ”Direct connect”

icing on the cake