Wave in China

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Surfers ride on yearly phenomenon in China

  1. Jak nazywa się fala, która powstaje na rzece w Chinach?
  2. Jak często powstaje taka fala?
  3. Jak jest różnica pomiędzy surfowaniem na oceanie i na rzece w Chinach według Mary Osborne?
  4. Ile surferów popłynęło na fali?
  5. Skąd pochodzili?
  6. Jaką mają nadzieję surferzy?

Zapis nagrania:

International surfers had just one shot to get it right in Qiantang on a wave in China.

They travelled from around the world to catch what is known as a tidal bore-the wave called The Silver Dragon-rise through this river just once a year.

The difference between surfing in the ocean and the Silver Dragon is that the ocean has many waves so you can go out there and you wave, you just keep getting wave after wave.

Where … as here in China on the Silver Dragon there’s one wave and it’s once a year so you really have to be ready and have your team be ready and go with the flow and you just hope you get a little bit of the Silver Dragon.’

The ride involved 16 surfers from the US, Brazil and Australia. They said they believe that surfing will become more popular in China where right now it’s unfamiliar to most mainlanders.

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